I'm glad that was neither femdom nor a voracious virgin-eater :)

At first, I thought that was a femdom story and I read it with extreme wariness — but, fortunately, that wasn’t it, this is, simply, about an OL having great time providing sexual relief to a highschool virgin while they’re on the train (nylon play, fetichists !), until the day comes for him to lose his virginity with her :)
All of that, while travelling in the train, of course :o It was possible to imagine they wouldn’t get caught when this was just handjobs and nylon rubbing, however, when it came to actual doggystyle and bare breasts fondling, well… :D :lol:
By the way, I have no idea who released it, sorry…

By Nakata Modem, Iā€™m also sharing a pack of 3 nice works and Mousou Shousetsuka

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