No waiting, miss, not in such a situation :D

THE quotation that first convinced me I HAD to click the download link for Ero Manga Girl :
« Eromanga dick is fantastic ! <3 » – :D

Eromanga Girl is a story featuring a highly pleasant “mise-en-abyme” cascade of effects ( it’s a hentai manga about a hentai artist having sex while her partner reads ero-manga panels resembling their current action <3 ), this idea was nicely original and added spice to already good hardcore happy sex :)

For this nice one, my thanks go to Fayt, Brolen, Torn, Zathael, Sweettears and – err ?? I’ll have to ask Fayt why I’m quoted ^^;; – me.

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I don’t know if you’re familiar with the term “mise-en-abyme” ?

I know this isn’t very well-known in my own language, so in English, it could be absolutely unknown to anyone save literary students, or, to the contrary, be common knoweledge to grade schoolers – I can’t tell.

Just in case, a short summary, there is a mise-en-abyme, for instance, when you read a book telling you about a character already reading a book. When you read a manga and one of the characters tells “this only happens in mangas”. When you watch a play with the actors impersonating fictional actors in a fictional play…

The most beautiful and artistic mise-en-abyme I saw so far has been in the movie The Truman Show. There is a lachrymal scene in which see see sequences of Truman’s younger days, displayed on a large screen watched by the show’s producer. There is a sad, touching, moving, harrowing music, you can almost feel the tenderness and yet the cold cruelty the producer is feeling towards this poor, oblivious, innocent Truman. The camera zooms out. Until you finally see there was a piano, with a guy playing the lachrymal music. The moment I saw that piano being played was one of those “transcendency” moments letting me know I was watching a REALLY great movie :)