Outdoor sex in a park. I'd like to try that. Some day.

Brought to us by Desu and a kind commissioner called Donkey_kong (thank you !), here is a cliché but pleasant nonetheless female eromangaka story.

The female heroine is good at drawing naked female bodies, but she lacks knoweledge of the male body (she’s a virgin). So, of course, she’ll jump on the cock of her male cousin, and happy sex, at home and outdoors in a park, will follow ^^

There’s a pleasant cheerful carefree mood, it’s a funny “mise en abyme”, the drawings are kinda nice (relatively unrealistic hips, nice large breasts, cute face, but dreadful whiteout censorship), this one was a good read :)
A side note, and a manga recommendation, the heroine was called Ahega… “So”, do you know about Those Who Chase The Ageha ? This hilarious all-ages manga is 100% worth reading ^^

By the same artist, and with a radically different mood, I also share Oshiri De Aishite.
And, with the same theme, I can’t recommend you enough Ero Manga Girl (152 pictures, Complete).

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Another side note, I also LOVE mangas featuring erotic mangakas because of the jokes that can be made with a mix of “mise en abyme” (as explained here) and “of breaking the 4th wall”.
For instance, when the female character, an ero mangaka, naked, boasts in front of her mirror that she can draw women well because she’s a woman and she’s using her mirror, the irony is extremely strong since, on that precise page, her body proportions are undoubtedly wrong, as we can see it on the scans.
Or when the female heroine tells her lust is so strong there’s no way she’ll be ever able to convey it in a hentai manga…
That’s fun, in short :D