Take that, BITCHES !

In so many non-adult mangas I’ve been reading, this has always annoyed me, when some girls gang up and bully weaker girls, making them suffer, having fun destroying their lives and their pride, and there’s nothing to do against this, they never get punished, unlike male bullies. Just die, bitches ! >_<
In this regard, I IMMENSELY enjoyed Unbalance X Unbalance, showing hardcore female bullies getting violently punched in the face, without pity, by a hard puncher. Well done.

And… Well… In the present share, this is, in a way, the same. A group of female bitches, having fun bullying and destroying, end up getting what they deserve, with benefits. This is the first time I was “FUCK YEAH ! MORE ! HARDER ! DESTROY THESE BITCHES !” cheering on a group of guys hentai raping for Justice and mindbreaking a group of girls.
You’re warned, there is no morality, and no “really happy” ending (how could there be one ?), and yet, yes, I loved it. Graphically, this is also a fuckfest, aaaaaaw yeah :twisted:
A great release, thank you Dark Knight :)

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