Woot, Incest ! Woot, in fact, no, not incest !

Should I give you a huge spoiler to make the manga look more interesting ? ARGH, it’s hard to decide ! :D

I’ll opt for a half-truth : this isn’t the incest you might have thought (a cheap trick, anyone ?), it’s not that bad actually…

So, dear visitors, here is my last candy of the day for you, the complete version of Family Play, by O.RI., with my thanks to Kusanyagi. Not bad, huh ? Sharing two complete mangas by the same artist on the same day ! :lol: Family Play might be the best-drawn of O.RI’s mangas, I think :) (But in terms of charisma, Suzu-Nee from Minna No Oneesan crushes the competition.)
By O.Ri, I also share Harem Castle, Minna No Oneesan and Maid Club

I strongly reprocessed all the grayscale pictures of this manga in the Zip I’m sharing (and I half-failed to improve the greenish cover, sorry -_-), they were a washed-away brownish that didn’t do the manga justice in my eyes :) Look at the difference, I hope you’ll agree, that’s an improvement ? :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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