"omg-the-sperm-is-alive-and-it-is-flowing-back-out.jpg" - I can't believe I called that big picture like that, lol ^^;;

Hmmm… “No big shakes”, I’d say.
This is the story of a cute and well-hung boy, though he’s a bit girly… Hey, wait, did you already understand the global idea ?!? Oh well. Yes.

Many female teachers (looking to be 25 to 30) are convinced the only thing on his mind is sex, or they simply want his dick in them RIGHT NOW. The boy doesn’t entirely object (let us delicately say), and as he grows more experienced he stops being a mere plaything (he doesn’t become a dominant player either).

The drawings were good, overall. Yeah, “overall.” While the scenario was just doing the minimum required job.
So, to fap or not to fap ? I’ll leave it in your hands, huhu.

Frankly, a large part of the manga left me flaccid. Some fantasies bored me (no woman is allowed to try and titillate my urethra, while here this happened frequently), butterfly tits don’t impress me at all (you know, when the artist represents the breasts flying in several directions at once in a single drawing, hey, this is porn with a human body, not twin jokari balls, damnit !), and the hyper-close-ups (on penis heads penetrating vastly dilatated vaginas with detailed lips and clit around) looked too exaggerated to me.
A side note : I’ve seen worse, in terms of quadruple tits attacks. Believe me. Cf. my “worst favorites”, search hentaiweblog for their filename.jpg to find where they came from : img.img.img.img.img.img.img.img.img.img.img.img.img.img.img.img.img.

By Drill Murata, I also share Apron Love (230 pictures), Playing Around With My Brother’s Wife, Ikumade Piston and another hentai pack.

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