When dicks start talking, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE ! :D

Short version : a horny male highschool student, and the hot female nurse looking to be around 25 years old. Happy first time sex, oral, vaginal, Inomaru’s pleasant original drawing style, and have a good fap :)

Long version : no can do, there would be a huge spoiler wasting your reading pleasure :D I’ll just say : I had a “MOTHER OF LOLS !!!” moment :lol:
My joyful thanks are for Malone, Aeleth and Mister Nobody, from the Munyu Translation Team :)
Sorry about the lame big preview pic above, but these “touch me” made me laugh super hard at home ^^ I tell you, talking dicks (source) are bad news :lol:

By Inomaru, I also share Itazura Senyou Hanahira Seitokaichou (222 pictures), Camellia (227 pictures), Indecent (198 pictures), Sex Education (209 pictures), Hazukashime (211 pictures), Sailor Fuku To Strip 1-5 (147 pictures) and Houkago Chokyo Housoshitsu (218 pictures). Theres also Thrust Rumble (recompiled with other stuff later on found to be belonging elsewhere, grrrmbl).

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