Shame on me, i didn't get hard :/

This work by Jin, another pen name for the artist MTSP, left me with confused feelings. In short, a woman accepts a man’s confession and proceeds to having sex, however she flat out reveals she’s engaged and wishes for a bareback relation.

Mutually satisfying sex follows, with GREAT drawings (damn, that’s some real talent, a tall “the fire under the ice” thin brunette like that is damn rare !) read by me with a 100% flaccid organ – something very rare for me :shock:

My flabbiness might be caused by the fact I was unable to “read” the woman, or by the painful recollection of my previous shares under the MTSP name (that crushed my fragile feelings.) Who knows.
I’ll leave you to make yourself your own opinion, I guess. Credits and thanks are for Afro Thunda, Kamikakushi and Lasertym, thank you for the time and efforts spent on this ! :)

By MTSP, I share the bad : Tachibana Sans Circumstances With A Man, and Sakiko-san’s Man Issues. The happy sex : a Macross hentai doujin. The straight facepalm material, under the name of Jin : Educating A New Wife. And the half-assed : a 6-works pack.

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