Succupire, or Vancubus ?

50% succubus, 50% vampire, 100% nympho, this is Full Course Dinner For Vampire, by Doumou, and thanks to Cgrascal ^_^

As of usual, a succubus girl has her human favorite, however, this time, two jerks try party crashing – with a conclusion I wasn’t fully expecting. I won’t call it a masterpiece, neither will I call it crap, it’s just pleasant fap’n’go hentai, with Doumou’s nice talent (cf an old but awesome example) for horny daring faces :)

By Doumou, I also share Puppetmaster, Succubus Night, Dinner For A Vampire (that fully displayed Doumou’s talent at drawing faces), the exhilarating Yuuka Is A Sadist While Alice Is A Masochist, Mado-masochistic Book Featuring Plenty Of Master, a nice pack of 4 works, and finally Infinit Love.

– Oh, and I also made a small bonus pic, you are allowed to call it a gay pic :3

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