Juicy, squishy, sloppy, wet, soft, OK, you got the picture ?

I hope you like “Wet And Sloppy” hentai, guys, because that will be my only share of the evening, I don’t have much time left today. Setebos, I once again owe you one :)

So, what’s the subject, here ? A dramatic love story between two young teenagers separated by unfair circumstances and family ties, fighting to make their love prevail… I hope you didn’t believe me of course, it’s actually a plain but powerful fuck scene between consentant youngsters in swimsuits, nothing more, but nothing less 8-)
Well, at least there’s Yoshu Ohepe’s excellent drawing style, and it starts with a very well-done “double hidden masturbation scene” (just read it, you’ll understand), that was quite agreable to read, I hadn’t read a scene of that kind before :)

I”ll postpone the creation of a Yoshu Ohepe Redirection Page because I don”t have enough time if I want to get some sleep on due time, however, temporary fast links : By Yoshu Ohepe, I also share Don”t Call Me A Midget [English]Daisuki Da Yo [English, 199 pictures], Aneki [English, 197 pictures], and Wanna Do It [English]

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Read the rest of : Fushidarana Karada [English], by Yoshu Ohepe (153 words)