A story full of WTF, lol ^^

Take a young adult son with a huge mother fetish. Have the mother’s twin come back from American and immediately lay her hands on that guy. Add a blonde american young girl to complicate situation.
Honestly, the scenario is full of WTF, but of good WTF :D

A mothercon unable to tell his adoptive mom from his aunt / her twin, you can already imagine what kind of quiproquo will rise, haha ^^

Graphically, how to delicately say it, because of the amount of white hole censorship, I hope you have a very good imagination. – That’s too bad, the drawings are rather good in the “old school MILF” style…
My thanks for this release are for Tadanohito :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Little bonus, a good quote, missing it would have been a shame ;)
ยซ – Oh, that’s quite strong perfume ?!
– You want to try some too ? It’s good for your skin. ยป