Beware, bullies, the ganguro defence force arrives ! (lol, and woot !)

Haha, I loved this manga, I really didn’t predict how it would turn out :D This starts in a very funny way, a shy girly boy is saved from villains bullying him in a highly efficient and unfair manner (I’m sure you’ll laugh too ^^).

I thought the boy would be teased and femdomed until he wished he would never be born… I was wrong :3 These girls turn to be adorable, cheerful, encouraging, soft, delicate. And their bodies, RHAAAAAAAAAAA ! 3 tanned high school girls in uniform. Tanlines once naked (the second girl, and her nanobikini tanlines…. HNNNNG !). Smooth shaved bodies. Having great sex with a caring and well-equipped partner.
Seriously, graphically, this is a FEAST ! :twisted: Thanks a lot, a whole lot, to Raikoh from Doujin-Moe ! :)

By Leopard, I also share Futariyome, a nice complete-hmanga full of asses 8) And there’s also Ecchi Sketch and Leopard Book 19

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