Good drawings, but the male character is a fucking jerk

I ower many thanks to Team Vanilla for this, but how far should Flower Garden Of Temptations – at least so far – be qualified as “vanilla” hentai ? The pros : more than happy sex, well drawn, original, vaginal and anal, with two girls, a teen (16 yo I’d say ?) and a young adult (24-25 ?). The cons : the male hero is a jerk. A titanic jerk. A cosmically “kill the fucker” jerk.
Well, I’ll let you judge, and, who knows, if there is a continuation some day, we’ll see, as I hope, if I was wrong !

Under another pen name, Bananajam, Jirou Hanzaki has also drawn the Don’t Kiss My Tail ! !! !!! doujinshi. The scenario is jerk-free, but the drawings aren’t as good, if you’re interested :)

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