Those tits are worth ten damnations. No, eleven !

With a LOT of thanks to Setebos who commissioned it to Desu², here is the beginning of a translation of Glamorous Rose, by Yumisuke Kotoyoshi, one of the greatest hentai artists :)

In case you don’t see why I praise Yumisuke Kotoyoshi so much, I give you 2 good reasons, just read Juicy Fruits [English, 188 pictures] and Midara [English, 182 pictures] :twisted:

In this chapter, you’ll see a pair of tits worth dying for, and resurrecting, and dying for it again (they’re the reason Desu² chose to begin with this chapter :lol: ) and a crazy story about fighting de-sexing aliens with a good fuck ;)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Glamorous Rose chapter 6 [English], by Yumisuke Kotoyoshi (109 words)