Chinkooooooooooooooooooo !!

The story is full of fuck. But of the awesome sort :D

Chinko, a sort of penis-shaped angelic creature, of some sort, let’s say, descends on Earth to help the male hero connect with the soul of the women around him, and dispute his loved one’s heart : « I’m gonna defeat you by my own rules ! I’m gonna smash that long nose of yours ! WITH MY DICK ! » (errr ? ^^;;)

With the newly released chapter 4, thanks to the GREAT work of Biri, Afro Thunda and DrtyBrd, we finally enjoy the COMPLETE story arc taking the whole first half of Going Otome, by Takenoko Seijin, the second half of the manga is other stuff :)
The scenario is highly original and non-linear (surprises await !), the art is really good (plus, did I ever read a DP battle before ?!?), the censorship minimal… I loved it !

My other Takenoko Seijin shares are worth it too. There’s an exhilerating hentai UFO, Chisay Akusay G-Fusen. The democratic Your Choice. And more “serious” works : You Are Just A Maid (brain racking, SO worth reading), When You Let Go Of my hand (almost entirely uncensored version), the average Rose Hip and Falling Rain (that last one is depressing). There’s also I Got Myself Into A Weird Situation And Awful Things Happened To Me, that also belongs to the present tankoubon.

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That ending left me saying HO, HO, HO!, as if some deranged christmas had mercifully come :lol:

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