I laughed SO fucking HARD ^___________^

Gokujo is a softcore manga without actual sex, so I don’t think many men will be able to use it to relieve certain needs imprinted into them by Mother Nature. But, on the other hand, this is an HILARIOUS story :D
When you look closely, none of the main characters are “normal” girls, and the heroine, of course, if the worst of all, full of energy, of false certitudes, egostistical, selfish and ignorant to the extreme – and she’s kinda hot, too ! ^^ These girls, making their first steps into adulthood, face ridiculous or embarrassing situations head on, and hilarity ensues, basically :lol:

My thanks are for my dear SL-Gundam and Saha, who did the whole manga save the chapters 1-3. For these two, credits and thanks are for Rainbow Beef, Tsundere, TMA2 and Monkey from Konyoku. Seriously, I recommend this read to EVERYONE, laughing so hard is good for the health 😛
By the same artist, with an extremely different atmosphere, I also share Holy Knight volume 1.

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