You can't define the Japanese as xenophobic. Do you define water as "wet" ?

Huhuhu. This is ridiculous :D
But ridiculous in such a biased and extreme manner that it becomes, once again, funny; funny at the expense of the Japanese side :roll:

I must warn you, scenario wise, the story sucks big hairy unclean monkey balls : a busty Japanese woman is hentai raped and mindbroken by two dirty, vulgar and uneducated westerners, a white and a black.
They don’t speak proper Japanese, have no morality, in other words, they’re filthy foreigner pigs defiling a desirable proper Japanese woman.
Saying the Japanese are xenophobic is an understatement :D

See what I mean ? This is ridiculous.
I don’t know if you’ll dig that story, but me, I laughed while reading it, and the drawings are good nonetheless, so, thanks to Lolotax, Masamune, Psyburn21 and Anonygoo, from Little White Butterflies :)

By the same artist, under the Isako Rokuroh and Finecraft69 pen names, I also share the uncensored versions of Love Key and Buruma GirlMy Head is Filled With Thoughts Of Mako-Chan, Let’s Have An Adventure and Sibling Lust (decensored by me ^^).

Note : another version exists, with proper English for the dialogues by the foreigners, as if they were speaking proper Japanese (they weren’t). Frankly, why settle for something half-ridiculous when you can have it fully ridiculous instead ? I chose the version with the poor English ^^;;

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