Goriyou Ha Keikakuteki Ni [English], by Tsukino Jyogi

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If it were an average hentai work by an average artist, I would only have to mention good drawings with anal and vaginal, and for storyline, a superficial woman having sex with the son of her landlord because she can’t pay her rent yet.

Fortunately, this time, this is by Tsukino Jyogi :twisted: That means extatic faces and – sadly this time -, the usual story, starting as a game, the Male progressively becoming bolder, until his penis mesmerizes the woman, and the vaginal creampie is the finishing touch making her a love slave for life :roll: My thanks to Yoroshii :)

(For much more stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Tsukino Jyogi”s works…)

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If I may add a remark, mostly as a joke. I felt VERY frustrated by the ending. What, that woman can’t pay her rent, so she has regular sex ? This is so UNFAIR ! In my daytime, I’m working in a shop. My Shop. 3 days per week, I’m alone taking care of the shop. And never, not even once, has a woman offered me sexual services in exchange for a discount. Frankly, if I were offered the favour, I doubt I’d seize it, but no, I’m not even made the proposal v_v

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