You REALLY feel good when you read it, I don't even refer to fapping ^_^

Groove Tube is a manga that makes you feel GOOD when you read it – and I’m not even referring to fapping or other physical activities :D I really mean it, this manga is so funny, the characters have such, erm, wicked personalities, they’re drawn in such a hilarious way, it’s impossible not to feel better after a Groove Tube reading session ^_^

As for the “physical” side of the manga, I’ll just say the drawings are fucking good :twisted:

So, many thanks to you Setebos for commissioning it, and to Fated Circle for translating it ! :)
I’m sharing the almost complete version of the manga, with two exceptions : the chapter 8 isn’t translated yet, and the chapter 9 is taken, not from the tank version, but from the magazine version (meaning slightly less correct scans).

By Kemonono, I also recommend you Muchi To Ha Zai 1-3 and Yellow Pop 1-6 , they both share the same hilarious and hardcore sides :)

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Two examples of things that made me laugh hard, really hard :D
–> “Junior here is willing to do it”  – At this point, I almost thought my ribs would crack :lol:
–> and please don’t miss the Death Note parody :lol: