Warning, not for the weak souls

Ouch ! If I had read more than just the chapter 1 before decided to upload it at once, I might not have uploaded it today :shock:

I know that adultery is seen with less affection than underage nazi necrophilia, but, sorry to tell you, there IS adultery. The destroying kind, along two nasty mind break chapters (really nasty, honestly, if you even started thinking “I might have to avoid that shit” – then please DO avoid it).

The problem, if I may say so, is that, graphically, this is very good, some of the best MILF action I’ve seen. Oh well, at least, it’s not stuff I read everyday, so thanks to Kusanyagi and Mugen Darkness, Biribiri, Afro Thunda and Eskimobob.

By the same artist, with a much more consensual scenario, there is Erotic Heart Mother.

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