Outstanding art, moving storyes. High grade hentai material, among the best of the best.

Do you remember Hajirai Break, the sweetest, most sugary cutesy lovely vanilla hentai manga there is ?

Well, good news, it is now available in a slightly better version :D
A kind person called Berkz informed me about it in a comment, a hentai fanatic called Vanillanon has reedited the manga, with various kinds of added value
– different typesetting (making the reading a tad easier and conveying strong emotions a bit better)
– occasional improved levels correction
– no resorting to white rectangles when redrawing was the real but hyper-time-consuming solution
In short, the previous version was like that, while the new version is like that, okay ? ;) (This was a highly biased example, most of the time the difference is less obvious, haha)

I updated the zip links and gallery,
Hajrai Break is available HERE, enjoy ! :)