My ribs hurt after reading this manga, I laughed too much ^^

A wonderful surprise, here is the completely translated and re-edited (for the older parts) version of Hakkutsu Oppai Daijiten, by Kikkawa Kabao :)

This manga (made of small independant chapters) combines pleasant trivial hardcore hentai scenes with some of the most hilarious scenari on Earth :D

Just a few examples : fuck a goddess to get rid of her, a failed chinese buffet, the second most hilarious hentai story I have ever read (only beaten by Yuria 100 Shiki vol. 3), an ero-justice idol… Please, read it, you can’t regret it :D

(MOAR ! Don’t miss the updated list of all Kikkawa Kabao”s works on hentairules)

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Read the rest of : Hakkutsu Oppai Daijiten [English, 199 pictures], by Kikkawa Kabao (177 words)