Predators attacking in group

The manager of a models agency (please note : it’s not a manager in the western perspective, a manager can be lower than a lackey, as in the present case) is being femdom’ed smoothly, until all the female models are satisfied.

Yeah, summarized like that it looks a bit plain, but, hey, it IS plain :D At least, even boring, this is happy sex, fear no netorare or mind break stuff.
Graphically, it’s pretty good, not the very best by Inomaru but close enough, and there’s a sensible “pencil-drawn feeling” that I like very much :)
Thanks a lot to Cgrascal for this one !

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Just a note : you see the color picture, in the preview pictures, it is a quick a dirty joining I made myself. I made it too late to include in the zip, and I’m too lazy to reupload a zip just for this picture – it wasn’t a great job, it’s not worthy of more of my time.
english hentai