Happy birthday, my virtual piece of me :)

Just like every year, I totally forget to celebrate on due date — I know, look, let’s call it a tradition :D

Hentairules.net was created on the 17th of december 2006 : it’s been now 6 full years, and the 7th year of activity has already started. So many GREAT people were met on the way, so many great hentai mangas were discovered, I also announced private moments on the blog like the births of my sons…

I’m really glad to have been around, it’s been totally worth it, and I have no intention to ever stop :twisted:
That said, I’m shocked to find that a piece of me is already six years old, wow :shock:

Merry hentai everyone, and may the love for good mangas, hentai flavoured, always a relief, never a chore, go on, and on, and oooooon~ ! =)