Hello everyone, I’m resuming the discussion about hard disks I started yesterday.
It’s an official help request, please, if you’re competent in this matter, your help will be appreciated :)

To summarize : my system hard disk has started (old SATA barracuda) his dying dance, and I’m searching for a replacement. An SSD replacement :twisted:

Explanations and questions follow, You’re allowed to skip this if you’re just after the porn anyway, but PLEASE, please, if you have some competence on this subject (I have close to none), I’ll be VERY grateful if you can help ! :o

As a system disk, I do NOT care about the disk size in gigabytes as long as it can accomodate windows Seven (I don’t see why I should reinstall XP ^^) and the usual programs. 2.5″ and 3.5″ can fit in my tower. My max budget would be around 140 €, 190 US$. I’m not an Uber-geek, my purpose is to plug the disk and forget about it for as long as possible. My typical usage : office, picture editing (photoshop, gimp), internet, internet flash games, internet streaming music, video playing (not creating), and very old games not using resources or space.

I have very clear requirements, the most important coming first, the less important coming last :
– reliability and lifetime
– performance
– silence

In this regard, the reply is simple : SSD disks. Yes, but which ones ?

From what I read, with a growing price each time (“good “implying both reliability and performance), there are :
the lame SSD disks,
the good SSD disks (Vertec with Sandforce)
the very good SSD disks (Intel and Crucial with C300)

I am NOT after an expensive 0.5% performance gain between one SSD disk and another (comparing to my old dying barracuda disk anyway…), I’m after quality and reliability.

In the end, this would be all about chosing between Intel SSD disks and Crucial C300 SSD disks.

The Crucial c300, 64 GB would be around 130-135 € in my country. Just my budget.
The Intel X-25-V, 40 GB would be around 105 €. BUT : I doubt 40 GB is enough for Windows Seven with a few programs (the largest being Photoshop). This is a problem, since all larger Intel disks are TOO expensive for my budget.

At this point, if you’re competent, please, can you answer two questions ?:
– am I even correct, not mistaken, with the information I gathered so far ? :D
– would you have a recommendation between Intel and Crucial C300 ?
– 40 GB with Intel, honestly, that’s NOT enough for Windows Seven + usual programs (I have a non-gamer profile, non-video creation either), right ?

Thank you VERY much if you can share your knoweledge and help, and suggestions ! ^_^