Ladies and gentlemen, I have some very good news for you, brought to us by Don : Hatsu Inu volume 1 is coming to the western world ! In an official print, in English and all ! (And, most likely, uncensored !)
I insist : remember, this manga is awesome :twisted:

This is very rare for us to have a chance to actually show some real ( = financial ) support to the artists offering us so many good times, don’t you think ?
So, if you want to buy Hatsu Inu volume 1, now available at Rightstuf, feel free to do so ! ;)

Now, another note.
I didn’t think of offering a recompressed version in yesterday’s Soushisouai Note Nisatsume uncensored version share, I’m sorry about it ! And yet, with a zip file weighting 260 MB, it would have been common courtesy, I apologize.
I updated my post with additional links to a recompressed version, only 108 MB this time, and no visible loss in quality for the eye :)