There is love, tragedy, and even more love - and lots of sex

With many, many thanks to Brolen, Makasu and “father hentai” Setebos, here is the complete story of Hatsukoi wa Uragiranai, that you can translate in English as One Cannot Betray Ones First Love. A REAL adult story, not only because there are lots of sex :)

This is a very beautiful love story between a blind girl and her brother errr it’s complicated let’s say her brother. Even though I’d like to write lots of things about the story, I would definitely hate to spoil you the reading pleasure, there is love, sadness, more love, tragedy, even more love, it’s really worth reading and discovering by yourselves :)

By Saki Urara, on a much more lightweight note, I also share May Not Miss Pervert Fall In Love [English, 205 pictures], don”t miss it !

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Various remarks :

I forgot there was this in the first chapter, one of the double pictures (split in two pages) had been pasted back into a single page. Was I the person doing it, I don’t even remember o_O
I’m sorry, I forgot to add it into the archive, here it is :

Several of the pictures could do with a joining, if you’re more talented than me (I sucked a bit at joining the two pictures, sadly), you’re more than welcome to share your joinings and I’ll edit the archive I’m sharing :)


No kidding, read the manga first.

All right, so my remark, didn’t it strike you, this work made incestuous relations the NORM between two siblings, they felt bad being with each other BECAUSE they weren’t blood related. As soon as you take the time to breath some real air not belonging to the hentai world, it sounds crazy :shock: