Not bad, coming from Azuki Kurenai

Heart Maker tells the beginning of the carreer of a woman, the heroine, in the Adult Video business. There is only happy sex, 3 girls actively having sex, mostly hetexosexual duos, a bit of groupsex, a bit of yuri, a bit of sex with love… and, well, that’s all.

It’s not my favorite Azuki Kurenai manga (and I don’t dig that much the artist, the girls are drawn with too much disregard for proportions for my taste), but I still reckon it’s a tolerable full volume, it’s already good in itself :)

It has been brought to us thanks to Faytear, Brolen, Blackmind, Xinthos and Zathael, great job, you all ! :)

By Azuki Kurenai, I also share Wonderful Feeling [English, 182 pictures], The Confession of Mrs [English, 195 pictures], Equation Of The Night [English, 182 pictures] and Black And Red Impact.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai

There is a final futa chapter (the only chapter of the book containing futanari) with nuns. While I don’t specially care about futa, nuns having sex deserves two thumbs up.

Look at that picture again :

english hentai

Come on.

Don’t you notice anything weird ? I laughed hard when I saw the “bug” :D