Hello everyone, if you’re knowledgeable in this matter, I’d really appreciate suggestions :)

Simply said : I need a good picture hosting script. Would you know about it ?

The rest of the post is more details and descriptions, please, if you know a bit about this, can you read it and throw suggestions or information ? :)

You see, at the present time, I’m relying on free picture hosts like imagevenue, turboimagehost, imagebam, etcetera… But what will happen if – when – they die and stop working ? BLAM, all my pictures will have disappeared, you won’t be able to see anymore what I’m pretending to share. The thought of me fixing the preview pictures in almost 4000 posts make me ooze happiness out of every pore of my body.

This is why I want a hosting script for my pictures.

I do NOT want to upload COMPLETE mangas or doujinshi to this picture host, just my “top of post” illustration pictures, usually 3 pictures per share, 4 per day. A verrrrrrry rough estimation would be 1500 picture views per day, on each of the 12 new pictures of the day, with an average picture size of 300 Kb it would mean 5.4 GB of data per day, let’s say 10 GB/day because of the other day’s pictures, it’s bearable.

Uploading complete pictures galleries would require of me to pay for super-expensive hosting (Hentaiweblog has more traffic than the average unknown blog), so a dozen pictures per day is all I can afford with my hosting solutions, and it would be enough :)

The specifications ? It has to work like imagevenue.com or turboimagehost.com :D Or at least like an improved version of Plogger…
upload of a group of pictures in a single batch, without having to zip them
creating a thumbnail of 150–180 verticals pixels of size, linked to a page including the full-size picture (optionally resized to screen until clicked)
Creating an hyperlinked thumbnail of this kind : < a href= “picture page” > <img src=”thumbnail” / > < /a>
giving me the links to all the uploaded pictures of the batch in a single line, not just one picture by one picture (this ruled out Plogger as a script, sadly)
lightweight (not a server CPU whore :D ), working on a mutualized host too
not time-wasting, working fast and simply

Optionally ?
easy to edit picture page template (at least not hidden behind tons of includes and php soup)

Definitely useless ? (Not prohibited, but I won’t care at all about them)
allowing Anon to upload his pictures to this script (or at least allowing me to turn it off and then edit the pages where it was offered ^^;;)
“gallery website” features (I don’t care about that, I want to host my pictures, not to build a galleries website where visitors can see a list of all my previous uploading batches)

So please… Would you have suggestions ? I’ll be very interested if you have a script to recommend :)