Hi there, that’s a post for the phpmyadmin, sql or php wise persons, I need help :)

I made various operations last week with phpmyadmin, and I think something has gone wrong : I noticed yesterday that the English Translated blog category had disappeared. I re-created it, just in case, but, no, it really didn’t exist anymore O_o
Not the posts — just the fact that some posts belonged in a category called English Translated. The posts belonging to that category lost their belonging to this category, while that category ceased being mentioned/stored anywhere, that’s all.

Still, it pissed me off that I screwed off my database like that without even noticing it, seriously, how could I achieve something so stupid ?!? >_<

So, here I am, coming to ask for help :)

My server performs weekly full .sql database dumps so I DO have backups. But I don’t want to restore an old backup, that would mean rolling back in time, and thus losing a week of activity

Do you know if there is a way to “export” from an old database dump a list of which posts belonged to the specified category, and import to the current database this list of relations, so that the proper post IDs belong once again to this category ?
I can’t do it by hand in the blog editor, there are THOUSANDS of posts.

Thank you VERY MUCH if you know how to do it ! ^_^
(the comments might break SQL syntax, so you’d better either post pastebin links than post code)