Hello guys, I have sad news for most of you, and a fine business opportunity for a few of you.

I’m selling Hentairules.net, contact me if you’re interested. I’m selling : the domain name + the blog’s files and database + the hosting account.
Hentaiweblog makes in average 53 000 unique visitors per day, that’s some very nice traffic if you’re a pro webmaster. More stats here with hentairulesvisitor as login and password.

To sum it up : I need money. I run my own company, with my wife, and business is far from doing well, this fucking financial crisis has cut off our sales by 35%, precisely when we made big investments. Recently I stopped paying myself, the biz is starting to work again, but the future is still pretty hazardous. Until then, in the short time, I need as much money as I can.

You can contact me to make an offer, if there are too many offerers I’ll start a bid at a domain seller and I’ll give you the link to that auction.

To my dear visitors : I am REALLY sorry about that, but hentai is just a hobby for me, while real life is much more important, I prefer to give up on my blog, making nice cash in the process, and use that money to survive in the real life, I’m sure you will understand :(
Until the sale is finally completed, I’ll keep on sharing stuff, if that can reassure you a bit.