Thank you guys for all the comments after yesterday’s announcement ! They were kind, I’m moved :)

I’ll allow myself some replies or remarks.

First. WHY would the kid take over Hentaiweblog at some point ? Hey, it’s not as if I were going to die and someone else would be forced to resume things. Besides, with two older ones at home, the latest offspring wouldn’t be the one who would take over !
Second. Why is there a problem with posting a baby pic, as a few people seemed to believe ? It’s fully clothed, there’s no identifying means possible (and have you seen babies grow ? In one month, he’ll be unrecognizable with that photo). And besides, it’s MY website, be it for adults or not. (And the picture wasn’t posted here first :D )
Just like a visitor, Jankull, observed, it’s the “human hentai” idea : hey, we love hentai, but we’ve got daily lives, it’s not as if this section of our life had to be isolated in a ghetto and kept as something utterly shameful. I love hentai and I share it, but I also use my blog as a place to speak of likes and dislikes, and of great personal news too… this should be normal, not seen as a surprise or a forbidden thing. I don’t think many people are mixing real life and hentai as I do, but that doesn’t mean there’s an iron wall obligated to separate these two sides of a same coin, of our lives.
Third. I’m regularly asked about my wife and my family/firends, if they know about my hentai website. For the closest ones, reply is : yes. My wife knows and approves (blogging hentai stuff makes me feel good and allows me to bear with “real life” frustrations and annoyment, it works better and is cheaper than a shrink, plus, we both respect our mutual personal private spaces and time), and a few close friends are on in the secret and they have the same position on this matter (they may be influenced by the occasions when I paid them beer, though.)