That girl had the devil's smile.

Man, what a story. Is it love winning at last ? Or the snarl behind a devil’s smile ? I’m confused, argh !

At first, it’s two beings suffering moral distress finding solace and support (you know, Japan’s “you are not alone” #1 psycho-stereotype) in each other’s arms. But why does the girl have such devilish smiles ?
I’m troubled, I don’t know which of the two sex partners is trying to forget his unsatisfying life thanks to sex, or is it them both, is the girl desperate for being depended on, or didn’t she find solace or didn’t she even actually search for it, making heran evil puppetteer… ARGH ME NOT KNOW !
I’m interested in reading your take on this, if you’re in the mood for letting a comment ! :)

As my wall of text implies, this is a good read, both arousing, and titillating the brain, thanks a LOT to Amaimono, Akano and Begbeg, from Am Ai Little Thing for this ! :)

By TNC, I also share two faptastic cute and hardcore jewels, First Time Last Time and Onsen Tamamagoto and some other works, Motto More Mao, Fourteen Plus (uncensoredversion), The Beast And…, and Monopoly Kiss.

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