I loved her snappy character ^^

A super hottie (small ass, arched back, big tits, ponytail) with a hell of a character (rude, snappy, aggressive, more tsun than dere), comes to the house of two brothers, the younger brother hopes to date her and introduces her to his elder brother.
At this point, I suppose everyone already pictures the ugly netorare story, right ?
Hey, come on, this is HYOCO ROAD, not Nagare Ippon ! :D

I can’t spoil you the story (it’s interesting), I’ll just say that nobody ends up butthurt.
I enjoyed a whole lot the strong character of the protagonists, the razor sharp dialogues, the caricatural faces on several occasions – and the fcking great sex ! :twisted:
This was released by SIing and Masamune, long live those two fantastic hentai bringers ! :D

For MORE, cf. The list of Hyoco Road’s shares on Hentairules

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A personal note : final sex scene, page 21. The girl is putting her clothes back on, we see her pulling upwards her panties around her butt, and she’s already put her shirt on. I guess it’s a fetish of mine, but that picture of her half-naked almost made my eyes pop out of their orbits, I found it even way hotter than the rest of the manga, even though the manga was already excellent :shock: