Not bad, but neither the good points of an ecchi manga and the good porn of an hentai manga

Kindly brought to us by AceOneTwo and the admin of, here is a complete h-manga by Shinonome Ryu :)

This manga is about a girl being openly perverted, engaging herself in a lover relation with a guy from her class, and the have lots of sex in various ways and places, while the boy also has sex with a few other girls curious to try him.
Honestly, it didn’t hit many of my weak points.

The heroine was globally OK, the boy was good-looking, there was a love scenario, happy sex with love, and… darn, I can’t really say I loved the manga, it felt mostly “empty” to me. The sex was drawn in an ecchi manner (no genitalia, except for the anus, huhu), the girl started in a grand fashion but quickly reverted to being just a highschool girl a bit more open to sex than the average… Look, I found the proper idea : on the ecchi side, Himegoto lacked the good points of real great ecchi mangas (sublime drawings freed from the burden or genitalia-centered art, sensible scenario since drawing less nudes is allowed) and of great hentai mangas (the porn !), making it half-assed.

I tell you, if you want a REAL fuckingly adorable and enjoyable true pervert girl, with very good barely censored drawings bursting with porn energy, then please read, or read again, May Not Miss Pervert Fall In Love, by Saki Urara :)

My other Ryu Shinonome shares are WAY better, there’s also NeeNe Ane Tokidoki Kanojo, Love Splinters and Love And Hate.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai

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