Hishoka Drop volume 3 [English, 205 pictures], by Haruki

My final complete tank in a row, making it a serie of 21 =)

Erm, sorry. The enthusiasm coming from two volumes waiting in vain.

With all my thanks to Tadanohito, the long-awaited one, here is the final volume of the Hishoka Drop serie, closing beautifully in a mostly surprising manner the serie, I’m glad I could read these fine three mangas :)

The drawings are technically ecchi, but they’re drawn with so MUCH talent that, at some point, it stopped mattering for me, they’re as arousing as the hardcore rest. Talent sometimes relies on very little, a flick or hair, a sexy face, the right words spoken at the correct time (“let’s have a quickie”, RHA, in the volume 1 !)… I’m positive you’ll find this final volume to your taste too :)
Scenario-wise, what should I say ? That at long last there’s an ending ? Big news. It ends well in most regards, the Kapital is safe (it’s a shareholders story after all), and the frigid sex bomb, Saori, has sex at last ! Only one thing bothered me a bit, the male hero remained indecisive, led by the tip of the nose even in the end, he went the sex toy way, if I may say…

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