YAY @ the thin black censorship lines, so easy to remove !

Easy math : damn good sex + super-thin and super easy to remove censorship bars = less than 20 minutes with photoshop (10 if I weren’t a perfectionist) = a new decensored hentai work ! :lol:

More seriously, with great thanks to Biribiri, here’s my decensored version of the chapter 1 of Hito No Tsuma, a very promising manga by Aoi Hitori.
This chapter here features a good-looking woman in her thirties, blushing a lot, with relatively big lips, expressive eye expressions and nice wavy hair, having an awesome threesome, it was great happy sex, that girl seemed she was having the time of her life :D

By Aoi Hitori, I’m also sharing a repack of everything else I could find

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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