Netori, not netorare !

Knowing that the artist Aoi Hitori is an adultery specialist (not his private life, his mangas !), I was wary when I read this new release. And yet, even if I won’t go tapdancing around my computer while singing a merry anthem, I can say this was far from being as bad as I was expecting, in a relative way, I was pleasantly surprised.

My gratitude for this release is for a person called Touma, great work Touma, thank you !

So : yes, there’s a married woman having adulterous sex with another man. But it gets real interesting when 1/ this is not netorare, and 2/ the male partner isn’t a nasty mind-breaker apt at manipulating weak women, he’s a weak man, fragile, and immature. And this is like that he wins over the woman (netori, not netorare, okay ?). This was unusual and interesting, as a perspective.

Enough talk, the drawings are good, with (Aoi Hitori’s specialty) very good-looking blusing aroused female faces. You’ve been warned, and I can recommend it to you without second thoughts now :)

By Aoi Hitori, I also share Tutor Wife, Yaritai Hitozuma, and my uncensoring of the chapter 1 of Hito No Tsuma,as well as an older pack of various gathered works.

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