Two orgasms already, and counting

Warning, VERY pleasant gold nugget incoming ! :D

Brought to us by the great and considerable work of Ackeejac, Guzu and Kikimaru, from Pineapples’R’Us (thank youuuuu !), here is Hitozuma, 233 pages long, full of awesomesauce :twisted:

The girls are either young adults or housewives, while their male partners are between high schooler and men in their thirties. And all of them, everyone, has GREAT sex, pleasant, feeling good, with respect to the partner and care for each other’s pleasure. There is no mutual love, we’re in the “mutually agreed act of feeling good with each other” situation, would you sort this as vanilla, I’m not sure ?

Scenario-wise, the stories lack originality but they’re full with good feelings, and the last two chapters are very funny and highly original :3
Graphically, RHA FFFFUUUU – YEAH !! :D The women have really good bodies, not too thin, with tits from average to BIG, their faces are refreshing, sincerely seeking and finding pleasure, their bodies are honest and so are their faces, the sexual positions vary a lot…
I LOVED IT !! :D – And I very strongly recommend it to you ;)

By the same artist, I also share Eve To Love (204 pages long), Gags and Erotica Made Fresh Daily + Oh Lovely Pretty Sexy Misaki, and another pack of 3 works

13949647_0000hitozuma_www.hen.jpg 13949649_0000hitozuma_www.hen.jpg 13949650_0000hitozuma_www.hen.jpg

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And if 325 MB is too much of a pain for you, I made a recompressed version, it’s only 147 MB large with no visible (for the naked eye without zooming) loss of quality . The links follow :)
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