Hiza No Ue No Tanashi-san (“Tanashi-san Sitting On My Lap”) [English], by Fueta Kishi

"oh-no-shes-looking-at-us-run-for-your-lives.jpg" I must reckon I might have exxagerated with the picture's name ^^

Ah, when I saw “Fueta Kishi”, I thought it was yet another Fukuyama-san episode, I’m surprised, this is not the case ^^ Here, we have a group of friends starting a trip by car, and, since there’s not enough room, instead of having them all use seatbelts as responsible adults, one of the girls has to sit on the lap of a guy.
Since this is a hentai manga, you can actually imagine what will result from the intensive rubbing caused by the car’s progression. Just like in trains, it’s a miracle how oblivious people can be – bless them :D
This was translated by Yoroshii, thank you very much ! :)

By Fueta Kishi, I also share Chu Berozu , the Fukuyama-san series, and Aoman ! :)

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