Hi everyone :)

Starting today (well, after the two posts for which I barely found time), I’ll be on holidays. I’m leaving once again to a place without computers, without internet, without TV, let’s call it my official detox time, haha ^^ Sleeping at least 8 hours a night, being available for my wife, for my kids, without the constant appeal of a computer just behind my back for work or leisure, reading books, casting away all forms of pressure… I’m smiling in expectation :D

I have a few shares scheduled in advance (less than planned, I lost the USB key on which I had the shares ready, I’ll spare you the details but that was kinda lame), Cooper, a webmaster friend (his arab porn blog), is helping making sure the website doesn’t break by accident, my friend HurpDurp is willing to share some stuff (he’s fond of audio hentai, I could never get a boner from this, but to each his tastes, eh ?), so I think you won’t be too much hentai-deprived ;)

Take care everyone, have two great weeks you too, I know I will :)