Holy Knight volume 1 [English, 204 pictures], by Maya Miyazaki

Every time I read "Lilith", I get scared it might end in a shitty way like Evangelion

This manga is only ecchi, and barely at that, so if you’re in just for a quick fap, you may find this isn’t a suitable choice for your bandwidth usage. However, if you may be interested in a good read, in a “real” manga with “real” contents and not just a serie of alibis for sex, then I hope you may find time to read Holy Knight, this is an interesting manga :)
The drawings are REALLY good, with lots of talent bursting everywhere, frequently giving off a manhwa feeling, at times feeling as if there’s a Mazakatzu Katsura inspiration (breast shapes under a striped jumper, totally Katsura-style ^^;; And the short miniskirts, the half-naked teen style). The scenario runs deep, a story about vampires and the like. I warn you, it’s a volume 1, we’re far from done – but precisely, I’ve been left dying to read more, it’s a good sign, and I’ll be damn glad to read the rest when it comes, I’ll certainly share it here too :3

Credits are for Simhauu, with Japanzai‘s Prozess translating, thank you very much for all the work, I really enjoyed reading this manga and I’m sure you’re going to make the day of countless voiceless anons :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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