I want to write an homage to a certain category of people.

They are patient. They have faith. They have technical power. They are able to devote all of their strength towards the achievement of their goal. All of that deserves praise and respect.

Almost all of us have made important things today, be they pleasurable or chores. Work for money, job search, happy leisure to enjoy life, interaction with real other human beings, discovering and learning stuff and thus becoming a more “complete” person, orgasming, loving, being loved, laughing, in one word : living.

Fortunately, there are also the other persons.
They are able to spend a considerable amount of time (no denying : I had fun reading my logs ^^) cheating on the post ratings in order to reduce the ratings of a post. Several votes on the same posts from the same persons.
For those admirable persons, luckily it appears their life so void of anything worth living than they find it “worth it”, acceptable, to spend lots of time cheating on the post ratings.

This is nothing short of grand, I bow to you, whoever persons you are. No shit.

Of course I won’t give a fuck about this, in the worst case and if somebody bothers reporting it, in 2 clicks and 5 figures typed on my keyboard I have reset the ratings of a post. Frankly, I don’t really care, it’s just post ratings.
But today, just today, once in my life, I wanted to devote my time to writing this homage to you, glorious anons, with your life so empty you had nothing better to do. I’m humbled.

OK, now I’ve finished writing it, I think I’ll fap. Or eat an apple.  Or scratch my back. Orz, anything is better anyway :D Good day everyone, have fun in your lives ! ^_^

Edit : I found a way to make my post useful, read that post, and search for the line starting with “What Bode”. Think about that paragraph’s key idea, it’s enlightening and also applies to us even outside of the corporate universe :)