I just can't get enough of that :D

With my sincere thanks to Strange Grey Cat who spent on it a few ages of his life, here is at last the tank version of Honey Blonde, by Kensoh Ogawa. Standard precision : while the previous versions of Honey Blonde were scanned from prepublication magazines (average quality), this new version has been scanned from the official printed manga (”tankoubon”). That means a better picture quality, and sometimes one or two edits by the artist :)
Add to this some re-translated (more accurate translations) chapters, some awesome bonus color pictures, and a mini additional ending story, you’ve got a feast for your hard disk and for your eyes :D

(I share MUCH more stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Kensoh Ogawa”s works)

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Read the rest of : Honey Blonde [English, COMPLETE tank version and partially retranslated version, 218 pictures], by Kensoh Ogawa, AKA Fukudahda (40 words)