Sticky sticky

I was reminded a few hours ago of this terribly old work (can you imagine it, it must have been released in 2009, ew), and since it is fairly good dope, there you are, in case you didn’t have it yet :)

Honey Breasts is a typical wincest story, with a highly unusual fetish : honey as a lubricant. Err, shouldn’t it make everything so sticky it would be a hell ? Not even mentioning the dirtied clothes ? o_O I’m too down to earth.

By the same artist, I share better works, the short Gokai Houmon and the uncensored, 191 pages long, Relish :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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I found something funny in this work, a discrepancy.

Let’s make it a game : can you find the abnormal element in this dialogue ?

– Let’s do it before Mom comes home. Let’s hurry, come on !
– Look, Sis, I don’t really want this…
– Huuuuh ? Why is that ?
– Yeah, well… To do this kind of thing with a woman is kinda… embarrassing…