the male protagonist is talentend, hats off !

Fast summary : two youngsters find an alibi to have great highly enjoyable happy sex. Do you need more, or is the “cuvie” mention enough ? ;)

Two remarks. 1 : hands tied, with the teeth ?!? /gg ! 2 : I discovered I have an “M” side :lol:

The scenario isn’t worth mentioning, but I’ll still confess my awe and admiration for the male protagonist. All these things he manages to do without his hands, wow ! :shock: – you’ll understand…
Thank you a TON, Setebos, this contains some of Cuvie’s best drawings, IMO :)

(For MUCH more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of my shares by Cuvie)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Just a minor bonus, I’ve been struck by one of the pictures, precisely, thinking for the first time that I’d have really loved being watched like that by a girl. Considering the type of glaze, it’s a first for me, I guess this is because of Cuvie’s genious ! :lol:

My "M" side, lol