That girl needs human warmth. Hurry up, big bro !

A younger sister comes to meet her older brother as he returns from college, and, guess what, even though it’s winter, she’s stark naked and soaking wet under her coat (side note, if you’re hot for a cute girl with just a busby, check out Tsundero).

Aaaaand, luckily enough, there’s a deserted public park just right next to them. As the saying goes : « waste not », it can also be applied to opportunities to fuck a lot :3
The girl was the cute pettanko style, sometimes reminding me of Cuvie’s drawing style, the censorship couldn’t be smaller, it was good stuff :D
Thanks a LOT to our dear Flammz and Desu for this nice share :)

By the same artist, I also share Shin’yuu No Kokoroe (complete, parts 1-3), A Walk With The Public Morals Committee, Twin Sister’s Holiday Plans and Ano Toki No Kanojo, they were good too !

A side note, if you’ll allow me : formerly, the artist’s name was Sahashi Renya. Now, apparently, it is Sabashi Renya. I guess we can’t blame anyone, it’s just a choice of Japanese–English conversion. Me, I’ll be going for consistency and keep on using the “Sahashi” name, I think that will make things simpler.

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