Come on, honestly, this is a fuck me face, right ? ;)

From the very beginning, the heroine has a wonderful “fuck me face”, I love girls like that.

Technically, this is fap’n’go hentai, but there’s a nice easygoing feeling, and the ending tries to add a bit of comic relief (nothing big, but an attempt is better than nothing). There’s just the censorship problem – and this amount of censorship makes a call to H9E pointless, at this level, we’d need something like a hentai-world-version of Harry Potter ^^;;

As it is, I had agreat time reading it, thanks a lot to Gurumao and Altereggo from Team Vanilla ! :)
However, I have a problem, I’m sometimes thinking too realistically, and I can’t help asking myself : «OK, the girl had sex at school and the entirety of her outfit is soaked with sperm, sweat and love juices. So : how come her cloathes are dry and sparking clean in the end ?» :D

By Hisashi (or Hisasi), I also share Stay With Me Miu, Sisters Ring, the uncensored version of Tsun Devil, Maid In Secret and Aprodisiac Demons Only Know.

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