Sex in the bathroom is SO erotic, in mangas. In real life, it sucks, it's cramped and you can't move as you wish, or you risk to fall heavily on the ground :D

AWWWW YEAH ! :twisted:
Here comes a sweet, a GREAT Napata release :twisted:

A stepbrother and stepsister finally alone at home, enjoying immensely having sex with each other, at last being able to enjoy sex freely without the risk of anyone butting in… That’s EXCELLENT sex, and there’s lots of loving too. The girl’s body is close to perfect (in the slender niche), supple natural-size breasts, a candid and lustful face, beautiful eyes clouded by desire… RHA ! :D
Seriously, boys and girls, go for it, and thanks a lot, a whole lot, to Conan and Fuke, I enjoyed that one immensely :)

By the same artist, I also share Please don’t call me nee-chan, Ever Since Then, The Promise, My next door neighbour Yamasaki-san, Together Forever, Becoming Your Cat (Uncensored version), Miss Sage Level 14, and a pack of 2 other works, Introvert Little Sister + This Is Very Frustrating. All of them are of the finest vanilla hentai quality :)

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Side note, you know my jokes about the plan to repopulate Japan thanks to hentai comics, right ? With the idea it’s not random hazard if there’s all those hentai productions, focusing on unprotected creampies in girls oblivious to the very existence of the pill ?
The present share doesn’t fall into this category, except maybe in the very end, and yet, and yet… I’ll start wondering if all those hentai productions won’t really affect the birth rate in Japan, in the future ^^