Blindfold sex, two thumbs for that =)

Let’s start with the good points, graphically this is VERY good, two teen girls having nice sex, enjoying it, in uniform, with close to zero censorship :) Plus, there’s blindfold sex, something for which I give two thumbs :twisted:

Scenario wise, however, how to say it… I’m getting fed up with stories written to please potential buyers in their teen years and feeling weak and pathetic virgins, who’ll feel good reading a manga showing a teen like them dominating women and making them his sex slaves.
I made this picture, from the bottom of my heart :D

Could it be “bathos” ? The concept that when everything goes too far while being dead serious and not noticing it’s starting to be laughable (in the present case, in the “pathetic teenie dominator for frustrated readers” direction), this becomes extremely funny :D The French call that “second degrΓ©”, this is fascinating, from a civilization comparison point of view, that there is no EXACT term for this in English.

By the same artist, I also share A Cousin’s Initiation

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Pathetic :D